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About Telehealth

LinqCare Inc. is a psychiatry and behavioral health practice that uses telehealth to provide care nationwide for those needing mental health services. The highly skilled team uses the telehealth platform to conduct initial evaluations, medication management, and psychotherapy. Schedule your telehealth consultation using the online booking feature or call us to get started today.  

Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of telecommunication technology to provide remote medical services. Instead of going to a health care provider’s office, you visit by phone or video chat from a more convenient place.

Many health care providers offer telehealth because it gives more people access to health services. LinqCare Inc. is a psychiatry and behavioral health practice that sees all patients through its telehealth platform.

They aim to integrate and address the diverse, seen and unseen needs of their patients and families. The team gives patients all over the United States access to high-quality, affordable, and accessible behavioral health services. 

What are telehealth services?

LinqCare Inc. takes an individualized approach to mental health and wellness. They perform all evaluations and treatments through telehealth. These services include:

Initial evaluation

The team schedules an initial evaluation before making any recommendations.  During this virtual visit, your provider reviews your medical and mental health history and symptoms. They also ask about your concerns and goals. 

Psychotropic testing

During your initial evaluation, the team talks to you about psychotropic testing, which analyzes your genes to help find psychiatric medications that work best for you. LinqCare Inc. uses GeneSight® for psychotropic testing.

They send the GeneSight test kit to your home. You use a swab to collect cells from the inside of your cheek and send the kit to the GeneSight lab. The team at LinqCare Inc. gets the results within a few days. 

Medication management

Medication management is a service that helps you get the psychiatric medications you need to manage your mental health condition. The team at LinqCare Inc. uses the information from your psychotropic testing to prescribe a medication that eases symptoms and causes few side effects. 

They send the prescription electronically to a pharmacy convenient to you and schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor symptoms and provide refills.


LinqCare Inc. provides weekly therapy sessions through telehealth, matching you with a licensed clinician who best fits your needs and goals.

What can I expect from telehealth?

You can expect personalized care from the team at LinqCare Inc. through their telehealth platform. The practice is all about finding what works best for you and your mental wellness journey, making it convenient for you to get the care you need. 

Call LinqCare Inc. to learn more, or schedule a telehealth consultation online today.